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Our Photo Booths


 We have multiple photo booths to choose from 

 We have so many options to enhance your photo booth

  • Multiple outputs: The traditional 2"x6" photo strip and 4"x6" photo strips
  • Deluxe Guestbooks
  • Projection of your photo booth images as they are taken
  • Social Media Uploading
  • Email Uploading
  • ​Choice of backdrops or curtains
  • Receive a copy of all the pictures from your event
  • Our most popular option: The custom start screen
  • ​and so much more!

Phone (585) 388-1699


14 Pleasant St., Fairport, NY, United States


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 At Showcase Photo Booth we use only the best, state of the art digital photo booths.

 All of our photo booths include:

  • One of our fun and professional photo booth hosts
  • Personalized photo outputs (We customize your photos for you. We do not make you choose from a pre-made template.)
  • Unlimited photo sessions
  • Props
  • Our world class customer service
  • Endless options to personalize your photo booth experience